ACT Update, Autumn 2021

Although we have not been able to visit during the pandemic, ACT is still very involved with Auxilium School and its Prathyasha Orphanage, where Anna taught.

We continue to support students who need financial help, and our most recent contribution was delivered in October 2021.

Your generosity has been especially appreciated at what has been a particularly difficult time in Kerala, which has suffered terrible floods alongside the effects of covid 19.  Many of the children’s families are experiencing immense hardship.

There is a new headmistress at the Auxilium School, Sister Shiji, and below we share the message she sent us.

Once again, our grateful thanks to all ACT supporters.

As ever, Anna would be very surprised and absolutely delighted.

From Sister Shiji:

Love and wishes from Sr. Shiji Abraham.  We the sisters and Prathyasha Bhavan children are thinking of you and praying for you everyday.  I sincerely thank all of you for what you have been doing for the children of our school.  May God in his great love reward and bless you abundantly and keep you all healthy. Our little angel Anna is kept very much alive here.  

These few days here Corona is increasing very badly but we have regular online classes for children.  We had online election of School Pupil Leader, Assistant School Pupil Leader and Arts Club Secretary.  Students took part very actively.  It was an enjoyable day for them. Now they are getting ready for the quarterly examination.  

We have continuous rain these days. 

A good number of people are struggling, still without a job. 

You are being a great help, especially in this pandemic situation.  Thank you so much for coming to our rescue. 

Once again, my sincere thanks to all of you for all the interest you take in the education of the poor children.

With lots of love and assurance of prayers. 

Thanking you.

Sister Shiji

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